How to Maximize Your Garage Space

Too often garages are black holes of missing sports equipment, busted gardening tools, and vague ideas of home renovation. It doesn’t have to be that way though. You can not only have a garage that is well-organized, but one that looks great as well.

Your Car

It’s probably best to start with the biggest item on the list: your car(s). It is not an uncommon occurrence to see people forced to park in their driveways or on the street because of an overflowing and clutter-filled garage. That is simply not acceptable, especially if you are sporting a new ride. Being able to park in the garage will keep your car cleaner for longer, and help it avoid the dings and scratches that inevitably come with street parking. Parking in the garage will also add an extra layer of security to your vehicle. So, if you can, envision the area you would like to park your car or cars in. Dead center or off to the left, once you do this you can then begin the task of organizing everything else around it.

Think Vertical Not Horizontal

Much like the packed downtown’s of cities, sometimes the only way to expand is up. This can go for garages too. Maximizing the vertical space in your garage can free up space in other areas of your garage. One of the easiest ways to do this is with shelving. Wall-mounted shelving can free up tons of space while creating a system for you to organize things sensibly. One shelf can hold old toys, another can hold old photo albums, and so on and so forth. Shelving is cheap, and relatively easy to do yourself if you wanted. Pair your shelving with some magnetic strips to hold metal object like gardening equipment or power tools. Other easy DIY ways to expand your spatial capabilities include installing hooks to hold your bikes, creating a “fake” attic with overhead storage units, and cubby hole shelving for other miscellaneous items. The important thing is to maximize the space you have vertically. This will lead to more open space you can utilize for other purposes like parking your car.

The Chopping Block

Invariably you are going to run across some junk in your garage that will make you scratch your head. No, aliens have not been using your garage as a storage unit for the earthly artifacts they find, it’s just a lot of things get thrown into the garage and are then promptly forgotten about. While some of these finds might fill you with some joy (I mean your chances of finding some long lost toy or valuable photograph are pretty good) most of it will be just junk. So what to do? Well as the saying goes one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so print some flyers and have yourself a good ‘ol fashioned garage sale. Nothing remedies a hard weekend’s worth of cleaning like some cold hard cash. Be ruthless and donate what you don’t sell to a charity if you can.

Wrap Up

Look at you now, you have a garage nice enough to sleep in! You’ve turned your nightmare of clutter into a work of organizational art. You might even have room for a couch and TV, perfect for Sunday afternoon games with the boys. Mission accomplished… now about that tool shed…