Styles of house shutters

Windows have always been an interesting interior design challenge and we are always on the lookout for new ways of tackling this tricky area of the home. Until now the well explored areas of draperies and blinds are where most of us head when we need to re-vamp a window, but that is all set read more

Charming home library ideas for bookworms

For those of us who love their books, there is nothing more desirable than your own library, no matter how modest. Not only does a proper library display books to their best advantage, but also it can significantly enhance the home and give it a real touch of class.

Different libraries for different read more

5 Quirky Storage Solutions

There are many of us who yawn when we hear the word storage. Boring! Shelves, compartments, space savers: these are the subjects we relegate to the unexciting, unimaginative area of home décor. But there are many fabulous and quirky storage ideas out there. Get ready to think outside the square!

The read more