The Power of Smell

Have you ever visited an open house and noticed the smell of fresh coffee or baked cookies, yet weren’t actually able to see any? A common, yet powerful tactic used by agents to give people positive feelings towards a home. While these are the two big ones that work for agents, there are read more

Five great reasons to get a garden room

There are so many reason to get a garden room, they could barely fit into one article – we’ve picked just five to start you off.

Everyone wants different things from their home, and we wouldn’t be surprised if you can think of benefits to a garden room that no one else has read more

A Book Lover’s Heaven

Image by Cremo via Flickr

When creating a library and living room combination in your home it is essential that the furniture therein is not only smart and state of the art but also comfortable with that lived in feeling.

Is The Kitchen The Priority?

One has always wanted to create a book lover’s heaven within one’s home but confines of space read more

The Stages of the Building Process

The Stages of the Building Process Building your own home is one of the most exciting things a person can do. You get complete control over the outcome, which is a lot more appealing to some people than simply buying a pre-built home. However, before you get started having your dream home built for read more