How to buy a wheelbarrow

A wheelbarrow is one of the most practical gardening tools out there, it can be used for so many things; carrying supplies, gravel, dirt, gravel and any other material that you need to carry around your garden or worksite. The way that the shape of a wheelbarrow has been designed allows read more

Make maintaining your garden hassle-free

Are you a garden lover who really wants to reduce the amount of hassle and extra time you have to spend maintaining your garden? Working out in your garden can be totally relaxing and rejuvenating, but not if you’re making tons of extra work for yourself. Spending time in your garden should be a read more

Five great reasons to get a garden room

There are so many reason to get a garden room, they could barely fit into one article – we’ve picked just five to start you off.

Everyone wants different things from their home, and we wouldn’t be surprised if you can think of benefits to a garden room that no one else has read more

Creating an Outdoor Playpen

Image by Arlo Bates via Flickr

Outdoor blinds are not only great as awnings to provide shade or as privacy barriers for doors, but for people living in Australia, outdoor patio blinds, outdoor shades and outside blinds for porch make for great barriers when it comes to baby proofing areas.

Home is where the heart is read more