5 Reasons To Ski With Your Family This Year

Our family is heading off to Ski falls creek soon and as we were getting ready for our trip it reminded me why I love skiing with the family. Here are five reasons why:

It’s Fun

Ok I admit this is pretty obvious, but isn’t fun the whole point of a family holiday? It’s your opportunity to spend some quality time with your kids outside of the house, when you don’t have to worry about work and you can focus on having as much fun as possible.

Learn A Skill For Life

I remember when I was first taken to France skiing by my parents and I was in lessons everyday. My last holiday with my parents was at 15 years old, I didn’t go skiing again until over twenty years late but it really was just like riding a bike. After a day or two I was very confident on my skis, not as brave as my teenage self I confess, and having a great time.

Knowing that I had the ability to still ski quite well gave me the freedom to take my son and daughter out for the afternoon, I was more than able to take care of them and guide them down the slopes. I have never been more happy that I was taken skiing as a kid as when I was showing my own kids how to do it.

A Time To Bond

In this crazy life we now find ourselves living, rushing from A to B in this rat race, we need to make time to bond with one another. On a ski trip you are rarely on your phone or distracted by anything, you are always together, exploring, chatting and then reflecting on the adventure you had that day.

Winter Is Fun

I love the fact that my kids now embrace winter and see it as a fun time of the year. I don’t want them to feel like when the temperature drops they have to stay in doors and not go outside. After a ski holiday kids learn very quickly that the cold is just as fun as the heat!

Get Back Up

When we first learn to ski we will spend a lot of time on our backside, we fall, then fall and then fall some more. But you know that the only way you’re going to improve and be as good as the people you see flying down the mountain is to keep getting back up. This is a huge life lesson for young kids who make have lived quite a comfortable life.