How to Tell If You Have Too Much Stuff in Your Home

The mass accumulation of gadgets, gizmos, trinkets, and doodads is hard to avoid when we’re so heavily influenced by ads and media to consume as much as we can. It isn’t uncommon to find drawers, closets, and garages all across the world that are absolutely bursting at the seams with junk.


Here are some signs that it’s time to have a garage sale and let go of some of that junk.

  • You Never Have a Spot to Place Anything New

You may have too much stuff If you’ve ever bought a new piece of furniture or an appliance but found out once you’ve brought it home that it doesn’t fit. Do you really need that dusty floor model TV that you inherited from your great-grandparents to house your equally dusty ceramic angel collection? The answer to that question is most likely “no”, especially if you’re struggling for square footage.

Take stock of what you have and consider if keeping broken, old and/or outdated items is really worth the effort. Sit down and put some effort into coming up with a plan of attack to declutter your home. You’ll be happier getting rid of that stuff whether that be recycling, donating, selling off or making a trip to the landfill.


  • Closets and Drawers are Overrun

Does it take you forever to find anything? Are shoes and clothes scattered across the floor or piling up? Are you nervous when you open your closet doors? All of these are signs that you have too much stuff! You shouldn’t have to force a door to get it to latch, nor end up with a mountain of a mess after every search. If you’re seriously thinking about renting off-site storage just to store your bag and belt collection, it might be time to pump your brakes.


  • You Wait Days or Weeks Before Opening New Items or Packages

Ever bought something at the store or ordered something from Amazon, just to let it sit for a month before cracking open the packaging? If an item can sit around in a box for some time before you ever think to open it, that’s a good sign that you never needed it in the first place. Compulsive shopping is a very big issue that affects a lot of people, and it not only can ruin your clean home but also ruin your finances.

You’re not powerless to the impulses that urge you to spend your money on things for which you have no use or need. Asking yourself some questions before hitting the checkout line – or pressing add to cart – can really put your needs into perspective.

If you get stressed every time you open a drawer or closet door, know that you don’t have to live that way forever. At some point, everyone has to take inventory of what they own and make some decisions that will lead them to a less cluttered and happier life. By starting today, you’ll immediately begin feeling better about your home situation and can begin enjoying your spaces once again.