5 Secrets To Great Interior Design


Everyone needs a great space to feel comfortable in and the home is the ideal place to really make your own. Interior design can be an overwhelming term for many people, but decorating your home really does not need to be difficult. Here are some great tips for some great interior design.

Hire a professional

Your Cornwall interior designer is the perfect way to get your home looking like you want. Make no mistake, these people are experts and really understand how to make any room come alive. An expert will have a lot of experience and knows exactly what complements different things, they are also likely to have connections that will allow you to find some great quality design.

Create space

The actual space in a room is really important and no two rooms in a house or apartment are ever alike. Creating space depends on many things, but ensuring you don’t feel closed in is the key to a great looking room. For example, for a room with high ceilings you may want to purchase higher standing furniture to make it look more proportionate. On the other hand if you have a room with lower ceilings you can purchase lower and more compact furniture, such as a futon, to create space.


Lighting is probably the key to the best interior design. Think about the mood of the room that you want and choose your lighting accordingly. If you want the room to be more mood lit then go for a less intense bulb or a warmer but dimmer bulb.


Accessories are the make or break part of a room and they work to tie everything together. Accessories are also great because they add a personal touch to the room and give it a finished look, so why not add a playfully coloured rug or interesting lamp to get everything to work together.


Another often overlooked factor in interior design is comfort. The mainstay of comfort in a room is comfortable chair or couch, these don’t always have to look ultra modern and chic. But a comfortable but eye catching chair will always win the day in any room.