Tips and Tools for an Injury-Free Garden Makeover

Undertaking a garden makeover is no easy task which requires a lot of physical exertion. Something many DIY garden enthusiasts don’t often consider prior to embarking on the task is their safety and how to prevent garden based injuries. Knowing the importance of a safe working environment, we’ve prepared some easy to follow tips along with information about available tools to help you keep your garden makeover injury free.

Moving Your Equipment
Your Wheelbarrow is likely to be your best friend during your garden makeover due to its multitude of uses. Along with moving your dirt, soil and plants around be sure to utilize it when moving multiple heavy garden tools.

Be Mindful of Your Tools
Once you have finished using your garden tools, put them in a predetermined space that’s out of the way. While it may be an amusing comedy skit, stepping on a rake and causing the handle to spring up and connect with you is a serious injury risk and one which is easily avoided. Additionally, stepping on the blade of shears or even a shovel can cause real injury, so if you aren’t using them, put them away.

Prepare Yourself
A serious garden makeover requires a lot of bending and stretching, something many DIY gardeners may not be accustomed to doing. If it has been a while since you undertook such exercises, get in a few sessions at a local Pilates studio in Denver before your project. This low impact workout can help to prepare your body for the work ahead and prevent you from feeling sore throughout your work and the next day.

Stay Smart and Stay Hydrated
Working outdoors for long periods of time is going to take its toll on your mind and your body, so be sure to take care of them both. Take regular breaks where you adjust your line of sight and take a step back to make sure you’re on the right track. Be sure to keep snacks and water handy and stay hydrated throughout the job. Small breaks in between tasks can be the best way to avoid getting exhausted and causing yourself unnecessary injury or stress.

While these are great tips to helping you undertake a safe DIY garden makeover, nothing beats common sense. If it looks like a certain task is going to be too hard, don’t risk it and ask for help from a neighbor or family member. There’s no point in preparing a beautiful new garden if you’re too sore to enjoy it.