How to be a responsible pet owner

For most Americans pets are simple a way of life that people expect to see on a daily basis, this makes it so important for pet owners to be wary of the impact that irresponsibility with their pets can have on others

Portrait of a woman with her beautiful dog lying outdoors

Clean up after your pet

This a basic principle that applies to any aspect of life and is relatively self explanatory. Despite this there are some that do not properly clean up after their pet or at all, and this is extremely irresponsible. Nobody wants to deal with dog waste on the street and there is nothing worse than stepping on some. It is a great idea to invest in a pooper scooper, which makes it very easy to pick up any waste and means that there is a minimal amount of mess.


Many people cite a lack of plastic bags as an excuse for not cleaning up after their pet on the street, this is a poor excuse, but a good tip if you are going for a walk is to leave plastic bags next to the dog lead or even tie them to the lead itself. This way you can never forget them again!


Play with your pet

A pet in a lot of ways is exactly like a human, pets crave entertainment and want to keep active. This is crucial for the happiness and health of your pet. Think about when you don’t get enough exercise and you start to feel more stressed out and just don’t feel as good in general. Playing with your pets is a great way to help level their behaviour



One of the most important things to remember when it comes to pets is their ability to reproduce. This can be a very sensitive issue for a lot of people and there are some that are opposed to it, however it is important to consider this option as a part of being a responsible pet owner. With the huge number of homeless animals it is the obligation of pet owners to manage their pets exposure to other animals and the fact that they may reproduce. It is important to think about what would happen if your dog or cat were to have a litter and what you would do.


Feed your pets at regular intervals

It is important that your pet is fed at regular intervals and that they are given a combination of food. This will prevent your pet from going elsewhere for their food and potentially disturbing your neighbours.