The Power of Smell


Have you ever visited an open house and noticed the smell of fresh coffee or baked cookies, yet weren’t actually able to see any? A common, yet powerful tactic used by agents to give people positive feelings towards a home. While these are the two big ones that work for agents, there are plenty more that can help you make your home more inviting to guests.


The Bathroom

The bathroom is often thought of first when discussing aromas around and throughout the home. Often considered to be strongest, many homeowners choose the most powerful fragrance they can find – often a general clean smell that reminds people of a blank environment. To bring a distinctive smell to your bathroom, try a combination. A small and hidden plug-in fragrance dispenser behind the toilet is a great complement to a bowl of potpourri on the basin. The plug-in fragrance takes care of strong odors while the scent from the potpourri as your guests wash their hands and freshen up can change the way they feel about your bathroom.

Entertaining Areas

Gone are the days where you just bought ‘summer fresh’ or ‘cool breeze’ type fragrances that came in a can – sprayed hastily before your guests arrived. For something different, look for Groupon coupons for a store like Birchbox that stocks cologne candles. More powerful than a regular spray, the fragrance is tailored to be more similar to that of a designer cologne, often leaving your guests wondering and wanting more. I find that when I light one of these, my guests start a hunt to locate the hidden spray can – not believing me when I tell them a simple candle is doing the trick.

Outdoor Areas

When I first encountered outdoor fragrance candles I was a little skeptic of the idea as a whole. Why burn a fragrance candle when I’m outdoors? Then, when attending a BBQ, I noticed that I couldn’t smell the regular smoke smell often prevalent at social events, nor could I notice any lingering scents left over from empty wine glasses. Purpose designed candles that are made for a more pungent smell outdoors are a great way to change the atmosphere of an outdoor social gathering, and can even be incorporated to use with products to help keep insects away.

Whichever route you take when adding fragrance to your home, be sure that you choose a scent that’s personal to both you and your home. Steer away from scents similar to those of your friends, and take the opportunity to build your own atmosphere.