Construction, building and architecture

Construction, building and architecture is as old as civilisation itself. From the first mud huts built by primitive people to ancient monuments like the pyramids in Egypt and the genius of the modern sky scrapers, which are now dotted across the skylines of many major cities around the world. However all these structures have one thing in common, they all needed to be designed and built.

Whether you’re building an extra room on your house or constructing a complex building it all starts with a designer or an architect. Although they all work together as a team the roles of the architect and the builder differ in many ways. However, in the end the goal is the same to design and construct a building.

Although there are many phases to designing and constructing a building the three main categories are always the same according to OSC who specialise in large-scale construction and design.

To understand the process a little more let’s takes a look at each one a little more closely.


Typically a building is a manmade structure with roofs and walls such as a house, factory or office block, which more or less has a permanent fixture. Buildings can appear in many shapes and sizes but the principle and function remain the same, to serve the needs of society by creating shelter, living space, security and privacy whether this is at home or work.


Architecture or an architect is a person whose main concern is the planning, designing and the overall construction of a building from start to finish. Not only does the architect have to have sound technical knowledge in the construction of buildings, but also in structural engineering, public safety, business management and design concept. The architect also works closely with the client making sure that every stage of the build goes smoothly and to spec.


Once all the designs are completed construction can begin, construction is the process of creating the infrastructure of a building, although the architect is the main man and overall manager he will closely work with a project manager. The project manager’s job is to organise builders, set the schedules and make sure all the materials used for the build are on site ready for construction to begin.


Tim Aldiss writes for OSC.