Top 10 Seasonal Changes You Can Make To Refresh Your Living Room

For many of us, the changing seasons are often an opportunity to spruce up the decor of our homes, or change the finishing touches to reflect the season. Most of us like to keep the look of our house refreshed and in style. Sometimes you may run out of inspiration and turn to internet for some great ideas on how to make subtle changes that could transform the look of a room. If you are looking for some of that inspiration now, we give you the top ten ways to make a little change for a big effect this year:


  1. Feature wall – Pick one wall and choose an elaborate wallpaper, or a strong and vibrant paint color to cover it. This wall will make a statement and act as your accent color. You can complement the color with soft furnishings or strong color wall art or photos.
  2. Photos – Refresh your photos. You can even renew the frames. Sometimes just placing them in a different order is enough to lift the feel of the room.
  3. Soft furnishings – To make your room very fashionable this season, think about changing your soft furnishings. You can even add a great cashmere throw to your sofa or settee from somewhere like Rooi. These can be changed in color and texture every season to refresh the look of the room.

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  1. Rugs – Rugs can be rotated depending on your color theme, accent color, or even the season. Choose different colors or textures. You can even place them at different angles for a different look.
  2. Radiators – You can buy great covers for the radiators to make them safer. The best bit is they are paintable so you can decorate them in any way you choose.
  3. Lighting – Choose from color changing bulbs to a whole new lamp shade to change the mood of your room. Shades in different colors to complement your palette can be interchanged seasonally. The quality of light can be changed from warm to white with LED bulbs as well.
  4. Door handle – A quick and easy way to change the look of your room is to change the door handle. Choose something classical or stylish and contemporary. You can do the same with your entertainment center and the knobs on your sideboard.
  5. Flowers – Faux flowers in silk are a very classy and chic way to decorate your room without needing to lift a paint brush. Choose plain vases or elaborate porcelain sets to really show off your taste and color scheme.
  6. Coffee table – A coffee table can be the centerpiece of the entire living room. They are reasonably cheap to replace, but you could try a shabby chic look by restoring or changing an old one. Add a cloth or different coasters to simply and quickly change its appearance.
  7. Ornaments – The ornaments or books you choose to display in a room are a reflection of your personality and tastes. These can be moved, or interchanged to refresh the feel of the room. It may only be you who notices but sometimes, we are the only ones who feel like a change!