How to buy a wheelbarrow

A wheelbarrow is one of the most practical gardening tools out there, it can be used for so many things; carrying supplies, gravel, dirt, gravel and any other material that you need to carry around your garden or worksite. The way that the shape of a wheelbarrow has been designed allows you to tip it forward while it remains balanced, this is why it is the perfect tool to use for loading and unloading heavy loads. There are so many wheelbarrows out there, but choosing the right one can de difficult. The most important thing to do is buy a wheelbarrow that is easy for you to use. So whether it is a twin wheeled wheelbarrow or another type you think you need, just follow these simple steps to find the right one for you.


1. Understand your needs

Wheelbarrows are available for both homeowners and professionals (builders and contractors). Most of the gardening you do at home can be done with a homeowner’s wheelbarrow. The professional type are a lot bigger and will of course allow you to carry much larger loads. You need to decide if you want a sturdy metal tray or plastic one, find the wheelbarrow that holds the right capacity you need, decide if you need one or a two wheel model – a one wheel will give you an easier time turning, a two wheel is sturdier.

2. Choose a user friendly barrow that is also good for your back

It is important to look at the weight distribution of the wheelbarrow. You need to make sure that the wheelbarrow will only make you bear 15 – 30 percent of the weight of the load. Anymore and you may seriously hurt your back. Check that the wheels are sturdy and are not likely to wobble or make the wheelbarrow tip over at any point.

3. Look at the pivot distance

If you are going to be working in a small area where there isn’t a lot of room to move, you must ensure that the wheelbarrow is able to turn easily in small spaces.

4. Look online for an idea of what is on offer

If you can look online it is a great idea to do so before making any purchase. You will also be able to look at the dimensions clearly, another great thing is that you can read reviews and ratings from other shoppers.

5. Check the warranty and return policy

 This is important, you will be using the wheelbarrow to do some heavy work. So make sure you understand all about the return policy. If you talk to a customer service assistant, they will be able to tell you under what conditions you can return the wheelbarrow and also the length it takes to get the wheelbarrow repaired.