Add Thousands To Your House Value Before Selling

Thanks to Darren for the image.

When it comes to selling your property, you’ll want to squeeze every last penny out of the price. That extra little money can help you buy your next dream house. It might just help cover the costs of the admin or fund a new sofa for your new home. Whatever, the goal, everyone can add a couple of thousand onto their asking price with a few tricks. You don’t have to spend a fortune and you’ll see a big return.

 Of course, if you’re looking for serious added value, you could consider structural changes. For example, undertaking an attic conversion or basement renovation. However, these tricks are aimed at those just looking at squeezing an extra little from the top. These tips are great because they will also help your house sell faster. The longer you hold onto your home, the more it costs in fees and the more stressed you become.

 Clean and tidy

 You would think this goes without saying. However, you’d be surprised at the number of times an estate agent walks into a dirty, messy house. First of all, remove all the clutter from your home. Move it all up to the attic for convenience. A clutter free house looks much bigger and more open. Prospective buyers want to envision their life here when they walk in. Cleanliness is imperative. Do a deep, thorough clean of the property and eliminate any odours.


 You may have put your own stamp on the place with bright colours and fancy wallpaper. However, new buyers will want a fresh perspective. They want to imagine their own lives here. They want to to imagine where their favourite pictures will hang and how they’ll decorate the space. It’s a good idea to go with neutral colours throughout the house. It will also lighten up the home and give it a spacious feel.

 The Garden

 A good garden is near the top of any new buyer’s wish list. Particularly in large homes near the city where buyers are looking for a space for their children. Mow lawns and buy a little garden furniture before you sell. Buyers are looking for a space to sit out on an evening and let children run around. Let them see the potential for this without having to work for it. Large glass doors onto the garden is proven to add significant value. It gives the illusion of an extra room and lightens the house.

 First Impressions

 When visiting a prospective house, buyers are looking for that immediate gut feeling. They know if it’s right or wrong as soon as they step in the house. Make sure the front of your house is presentable. Put up hanging baskets and replace rusty old door fittings. Line your hallway with mirrors, good lighting and flowers. As soon as they walk in, your house should feel spacious and welcoming. Buyers need to feel at home.

These are all very minor changes that can be made on a budget. All it takes is a little elbow grease and some creative thinking. Follow these tips and you’ll add value to your property and sell it fast.