Five great reasons to get a garden room

There are so many reason to get a garden room, they could barely fit into one article – we’ve picked just five to start you off.

Everyone wants different things from their home, and we wouldn’t be surprised if you can think of benefits to a garden room that no one else has noticed yet!

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Garden rooms – a garden lover’s choice

At this time of year, thoughts sometimes turn to how best to still get benefit from the garden when cold weather makes the space feel less hospitable than during the warmer months.

Some people turn to simply gazing from a window of their house, but often a garden room can be placed, as the name suggests, right there in the garden, giving you a unique view of the space that could potentially be much better than the view from the rest of your home.

Green Retreats’ garden rooms’ designs, with shiplap or cedar on the outside, also look the part for the garden, working brilliantly among nature.

So whether you’re looking at the room from the outside, as it stands in your garden, or looking at your garden from inside the room, you’re likely to love the results!

A sense of calm

Some people find their gardens an especially relaxing place to be, so a new room with a great garden view might well create a great, chill-out atmosphere for them.

But wherever a garden room is, it can have a calming atmosphere. This can be achieved partly through the fact that the space is some way away from the rest of the house – and so away from any hustle and bustle that might be happening there.

But also, the fact that whoever is using the room can decorate it however they want from scratch is sure to add to the sense of calm.

It’s easy to turn a garden room into a totally individual space – after all, once it’s built, it’s a blank canvas, ready for you to add whatever pictures, facilities, furniture etc to it that are appropriate, based on practicality and your own tastes.


Perhaps especially if you’re working in a garden room, privacy could be important. Again, since this sort of area isn’t going to be part of your main house, it will potentially give you a much greater feeling of being in your own space.

When you’re working hard to meet deadlines, knowing you have quiet and are in an environment where your concentration can flourish is always good!

The talking point

Most of the reasons for getting a garden room are practical – but don’t go thinking that these spaces’ advantages end there. They’re more unusual than your average room in a house, and can give owners a talking point whenever people take a look at their garden. They’re a really modern way to add something new to your home, and they look contemporary, adding a sense that your home is on the cutting edge.


Garden rooms are a really versatile type of space – partly because you have some control over how the structure ends up in terms of features like size. So, unlike most rooms in your house, you’re not starting with an already present space – features of which you might end up deciding to ‘just live with’ – but one that you will mould to your needs through the process of picking out the sort of room you want.