DIY: Tips For Building The Perfect Tree House.

Nothing complements a kid friendly backyard than your very own tree house. A tree house is the perfect play space for your kids on those sunny afternoons after school or on the weekends. If you’re a little handy around the house, and are thinking of tackling this DIY project yourself, read on. Here are 5 tips for building the perfect tree house for your children and their friends.

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1. Find the right location.

It’s vital that you spend some time scoping out your backyard for the perfect tree house location. Choose a tree that’s a suitable distance from your home perimeter for some much needed distance when things get noisy inside. Just be sure the tree isn’t too far from an electrical power point (you’ll need to use some power tools to get this job done). You may also want to keep the tree house away from your neighbor’s house – just so you don’t jeopardize existing neighborly relations.

2. Use the right tools.

When undertaking any DIY project, it’s important you use the right tools. To build a tree house, you’ll need a range of power tools, such as a power saw, cordless drill and sander ( click here for high quality power tools that will serve you well throughout your DIY career). Of course, always be sure you put your (and your children’s) safety first when operating power tools.

3. Find the right tree.

You can build your ultimate tree house around or between trees. Just make sure whatever tree you choose is strong and sturdy enough to take the full load of the tree house and children. In general, trees with a diameter of around 3-4 feet, with large horizontal branches some 8 to 10 feet off the ground, are best.

4. Build a strong platform.

A great tree house depends entirely on a strong platform. Without a solid foundation, your tree house won’t be sturdy, nor last a life time, nor be safe for your children. So make sure your platform is as strong and level as possible. Solid, dense wood like treated timber is best for the base.

5. Make it “kid-sized”.

Sometimes, overzealous dads get carried away with their DIY pursuits. And nowhere is this more common than when building a tree house for their kids. Remember: the tree house is for your kids (and not for you), and thus should be kid-sized. This means making the ceiling short enough to keep most adults out, but high enough to let all kinds of kids inside.

6. Get the kids involved.

Building a tree house together can be a fun way to spend time with the entire family. Not only can your children help you get the job done quicker, but they can also learn heaps along the way too – making the whole process educational.

Building a dream tree house for your children isn’t too hard at all. Just be sure you spend enough time choosing the right location, and building a strong platform. Also, always use high quality tools. Lastly, get the kids involved throughout the building process, and don’t forget to tailor the design for your kids. You can always build your own man cave another weekend if you’re feeling a tad jealous.