The Living Room: What to Think About When Decorating

Your living room is just that, the room you do most of your living in. So, decorating your living room is an important matter. You need to create a space that you really enjoy with décor that is both appealing and easy to live with. Living rooms are all about having good times with friends and family, so keep that in mind when decorating. Avoid uncomfortable furniture, easily stained upholstery and couches that are too formal and too expensive to sit in!

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You can find living room inspiration in all sorts of places. Browse through magazines and look online to find pictures of living rooms that you like. Check out furniture sites like Super Amart to see what is available in living room furnishings. There is a lot to choose from so have a really good look at what is available before you buy. You will have to live with your decisions for some time, so take your time deciding on the look you want.

Neutral is Versatile

Painting your living room walls white or in a neutral tone is often the best choice as it will make your room appear larger and create a nice light atmosphere. Creams and wheats will create a warmer feel while whites will give the living room a fresh look. Carrying neutral tones to furnishings makes a lot of sense too, as you are not locked in to matching a wall colour. Also, you can easily give your living room a whole new look whenever you get bored ; simply change the cushions, rugs and other knick knacks and feature a new colour.

The Basics

It’s a good idea to start with the basics and build your living room décor from there. Buying the right lounge is probably the most important decorating decision. Try before you buy. Look online but also visit furniture shops and sit on the couches you like to make sure they are really comfortable.

Choose a coffee table and add a floor rug to bring colour and texture into your room. A coffee table and rug will help to anchor the room and you can arrange chairs, ottomans and poufs around it.

Splashes of Colour

If you choose neutral colours for your lounge and walls, you can add splashes of colours in cushions, poufs and paintings. You might even like to have a feature wall. Wallpaper is back in a big way, so consider covering a feature wall in daring wallpaper to add a colour burst to your room. The great thing about a wallpaper feature is that it is easy to remove or change when you want a new look.

Conversation Starters

Furniture arrangement is really important in a living room. If conversation is important to you, place the furniture in a way that promotes communication. Face chairs towards each other rather than towards the television screen and make sure there are no visual obstacles between seating.

Your living room is to be enjoyed. Decorate it to your tastes and you will love being in it.