A Book Lover’s Heaven

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When creating a library and living room combination in your home it is essential that the furniture therein is not only smart and state of the art but also comfortable with that lived in feeling.


Is The Kitchen The Priority?

One has always wanted to create a book lover’s heaven within one’s home but confines of space has always meant that the existence of a library or specialist reading room is more of a luxury than a necessity. After all, in most homes, the real boss will dictate that the kitchen gets priority and any free space will be taken up with a larder or a pantry, a store room or the ubiquitous utility room.

Well, that’s as it may be but never one to be denied by a lack of foresight or the limitations of space, an ideal solution would be to incorporate two rooms into one. The lounge would appear to be the ideal area in the home for a library and living room combination. Not only is the lounge one of the most comfortable rooms in the house – and here we are talking comfortable furniture – but it will also without doubt feature a large flat screen television, music deck and other accoutrements to easy living.

To create a perfect book lover’s heaven does not just need books. Those are the least of your concerns. No, what is far more important is the where and the how and those two questions are answered by the state and the comfortableness of the furniture therein.


Stress-Free Reading

There is nothing like a leather couch or sofa in the home on a Sunday morning when one can settle down to a relaxed and stress free reading of either the Sunday papers or the latest tome which you are steadily making your way through. And the best place to find such leather upholstery in both quality and abundance is in the spectacular range of couches at Plush.com.au whose branches are spread throughout the eastern Australian territories of New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.

While a plush leather armchair like the Westbury is pure class and a throwback to the Winchester of a bygone age, this single-seater approach to a relaxed read is somewhat restricting since it is a more formal concept to the idea of true relaxation as it precludes one from stretching out. No, one has to plump for a two-seater or three-seater sofa or couch in order to achieve true leisure and stress free comfort. And the Plush range of sofas is the ideal choice for the home.

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The 3-Seater Option

Whether you are looking for the classic appeal of the soft brown leather Oxford which recalls bygone colonial days or the traditional 60’s chic Parlour with its matching leather side cushions, the three-seater option has to be a must in either style to allow full flexibility, especially if one is on the tall side of average. The rounded arms of the Oxford provide an excellent head rest to facilitate the lean into your novel while the side cushions on the Parlour are the ideal pillows if one is seeking a full stretch for your Sunday read.

The casual range of leather sofa furniture for the lounge is also a must see as the modular of the Cooper, the Jaxon and the Dante offer the additional comfort of a leather chaise that not only enhances the quality and style of the furniture in one’s lounge but also provides compatibility with your partner or anyone else joining you on your leather sofa. The idea of lounging around in your book lover’s heaven takes on new meaning in such plush surroundings.


Author Bio: Oliver Milo Davis is an interior designer who loves to design things in his head. He likes being practical in his designs although he splurges every so often. He plays with furniture and appliances just for fun. As an intern, he also would play around with his friends’ apartments and homes. Now, during his free time, he shares his love for interior designing by writing in blogs and design websites.