How to Bring Your Dark Wood Floors Up to Date

If you have dark wood floors (or if you’re thinking about investing in some, check out the selection at The Solid Wood Flooring Company) and want to update the look of your room, we’re here to help. If you think that dark wood floors are just for old fashioned interiors, think again. With the right tips and tricks, you can use your stunning floors to help modernise your room. We’ve handpicked some of our favourites (and easiest!).

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Use contrasting colours

If you have dark floors (especially black) it can be tempting to stick with a dark colour scheme throughout the room. However, this isn’t necessarily the best option when aiming for a modern feel. Instead, go for bright and airy colours, like white and grey. If you want to add more warmth to the space, opt for more neutral shades as an alternative, like beige, a range of browns and cream. Monochrome colouring is a really modern, fashionable trend at the moment, and there are lots of products available for all budgets.

Go with the vintage theme

Dark wood floors are a usual feature of more traditional home decor, but why not use it to your advantage in creating a vintage space? Combined with intricate, detailed furnishings and ornaments, antique mirrors and frames, it will add to the perfect chic atmosphere, of a timeless interior design that will never go out of fashion.

Avoid miss-matched wood furnishings

Having wood furniture – such as dresses, tables, chairs, for example – that contrast in an uncomplimentary way will automatically date your room. When choosing furniture, stick to whites or greys to go with dark flooring. You could also use some black pieces, but aim to not make them the focus point of the room, so it may be best to have smaller items in black, like comfy chairs or side tables.

Clear up the clutter

A cluttered room with a dark floor will also automatically look much older fashioned. Invest in clever storage systems, and keep ornaments to a minimum, as you will want to restore as much light to the space as possible. Bold shelving on white floors can be really interesting, provided they are kept well organised and minimal. They also give the chance to display plants with bits of colour which will bring your room up to date.

Invest in a rug

A rug can be a great centre piece for any room, provided it matches well with the rest of the decor. If the rest of the room is plain, a great way to modernise the interior is by choosing a statement rug, with bold patterns and bright colours. If you have a lot of white in your room with dark wood flooring, and don’t want to include more, you could opt for a black rug, which looks particularly attractive on a dark brown floor. You could also combine the two with a black and white patterned rug, like this one we found in IKEA.