Creating an Outdoor Playpen

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Outdoor blinds are not only great as awnings to provide shade or as privacy barriers for doors, but for people living in Australia, outdoor patio blinds, outdoor shades and outside blinds for porch make for great barriers when it comes to baby proofing areas.


Home is where the heart is but it is also where many a hazard can lurk for the little ones. However, with a few easy childproofing techniques, you can turn your home into a safe haven.


If you have a little cruiser or crawler who is eager to explore the surroundings, one thing is for sure, you need to child proof your home. One of the first things you can do is build barriers to make it difficult for the little one to get access to hazardous areas. You can use roll up porch shades outdoor, exterior porch shaded and patio sun shades outdoor to block of hazardous areas or prevent your child from crawling into doors and windows. If you have steps around a patio area, make use of outdoor shades for patio to block off the area and prevent a persistent baby from figuring out how to crawl up and down the steps just yet.


A toddler’s increased mobility means that he or she becomes more adept at reaching and opening, closing or even falling into windows. Create a childproof playpen area and opt for outdoor porch shades cheap.

Creating a Playpen


There are numerous ways to create an outdoor playpen. Make use of soft ground cover and outdoor blinds to construct yours. You can create a basic enclosure with playpen fencing from outdoor blinds by Australian Outdoor Living to create a safe and comfortable haven for your little gem.


Another option is to make use of baby gates in doorways and stairways, giving your baby or toddler more space to roam. Make sure you cover doors and windows with outdoor blinds to prevent curiosity or accidents and put some patio shade in the form of awning up to keep baby out of the sun.


If you have any open electrical outlets outside, be sure to put outlet covers over them and power strips should be placed inside childproof covers. If plugs are being used, tape them into outlets. If you have patio furniture with sharp edges, stick bumpers on the edges. You could also use a childproof doorknob guard that will stop your little one from opening the door.


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Astro Turf


You could even turn your entire backyard into an outdoor playpen and include outdoor blinds by Australian Outdoor Living. You could line your ground with Astro Turf and place wire mesh fencing into the ground, attached to stakes. Install a baby gate at some point in the fence for easy access and if you have any tree trunks in the way, consider wrapping them with bubble wrap to avoid little heads bumping into them.


In order to build a playpen from the ground up, get hold of a few square panels of plywood the measure about 3 feet by 3 feet and sand the edges so that they’re not rough and splintery. Use hinges to attach the panels to each other and wood screws to hold them in place. Again, attach a baby gate between to ends for in and out access.


Ideally, choose play fencing or awning that doesn’t have sharp edges and you won’t have to worry about baby playing in the pen.


Author Bio: Seth Robin Pyle is an architecture graduate who has mastered in Urban Planning. Seth enjoys coming up with unique ways to enhance and use an urban space and enjoys the challenges of new projects.