Unique Trade Show Ideas To Target Your Brand


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Using Different Ideas At Trade Shows

Once you decide to market your brand at some local trade shows, it’s time to brainstorm how your company’s exhibits can stand out from its competitors. It’s often helpful to scope out a few trade shows and see what kind of pop up display stand Australia offers for marketing that are drawing the most crowds.  If appropriate, try to mingle with the crowds and ask both staff and attendees what’s working to draw attention certain booths versus others. If you can, try to incorporate both pop-up banner and exhibition stand ideas and actual ideas for interacting with attendees at trade shows.


Express Yourself With Clear And Simple Signage

With thousands of booths at one trade show that are trying to best each other with fancy lighting, and snazzy text and graphics, sometimes you can grab attendee’s attention best by having a clear and simple message. If they can read a colourful message in only a second or two, guests are more likely to stop and ask questions than if your banners are cluttered with text and graphics. Include your call-to-action (CTA) on all your signage so they understand your brand and want to learn even more.


Sometimes Big Trade Show Pop Up Displays For Marketing Work

However, if you do it right, giant pop-up banners do have the effect to attract attention, especially if you can reserve a spot in the front where attendees will see your booth first. Try something like the Mural Pop-up, which features a sturdy frame and one piece of laminated fabric with your graphics and text printed on them. You can set it up within five minutes beforehand and show off vibrant colours.

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Plan Your Exhibit Around A Theme

If you want to be remembered, then make your exhibit area unique to your brand theme. If your company sells golf clubs or golf shoes, think about bringing a lit-up driving range tunnel to the show, where attendees can test out the merchandise.  Alternatively, if your company works with cameras and media, think about having your logo flashing across projection screens and setting up a lounge area, where guests can relax and look at the merchandise.


Tips For Interacting At Trade Shows

If you want to get more traffic to your booth, consider networking with other booths at the tradeshow that aren’t your direct competition. Form a game like scavenger hunt with other vendors so that attendees have to get their passport stamped at each trade show booth, and if they complete it, they’ll be entered into a drawing for an E-Reader. You’ll have a chance to meet potential clients and everyone loves to win prizes.

In addition, offer aromatic snacks and beverages in the corner area of your exhibit, where attendees will have to stop and look at your promotional materials to get to them. Conduct a mini-conference there with interested potential clients.


Positioning To Your Advantage

At trade shows, aim for an open booth area, meaning don’t position a table in the front. If you need one with your products, set it further back, and make sure you’re up front where guests can see you and you can greet and talk to them easily. This way, you can hand out your freebies and get more people interested in your products.


Making Trade Shows Work

You’ll need to see the best pop up display stand Australia wide to make sure to get attendees interested in your brand, but you also need to engage with them when they stop by your booth. This is the only way they’ll truly see what your brand is about.


Author Bio:  Mark Thomas has the ability to read people easily simply by observing them.  He’s often been referred to as “Mr. Popular,” because of his people skills, which now help him as a Marketing Consultant.