Some Facts You need to Know Before You to Turn Your Backyard Pool Into a Pond

It’s all fun and games for the first few years but then you find you’re no longer using this pool you dreamed of owning. Is your pool going unused? Are you sick of cleaning it? Perhaps it’s time to think options. What can you do with this space? Do you still want to keep a key feature in your yard? Why not convert your pool into a pond? It sounds a little crazy but it is possible and others have dared to do this before.

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The best part about this conversion is it’s not permanent, you can reverse it. This is a relief, especially when it comes to selling the house. Pools can add a lot of value to your house but you don’t want to keep an unused pool. There are actually quite a few benefits to this conversion. You can look at a converted swimming pool as a rainwater tank without a lid. Pools hold a large volume of water. A pond will be easier on your pocket. You’ll save money on your power bill by switching off the pump and filter. A pond enhances household sustainability by reducing toxic chemical use while providing a source of water for garden irrigation. Finally, you can promote biodiversity in your own backyard.


Ponds are a great way to attract wildlife. Ponds are not only beneficial to fish. Yes, ponds do give lots of people to own a variety of fish. In particular species of fish that require lots of space but that’s not all they attract. They benefit; insects, spiders, crustaceans, amphibians, reptiles, fish, birds and mammals. There’s a little bit of a circle of life that occurs there. You may not be able to see the benefit that your pond provides to wildlife but you can rest assured that it’s working hard to provide for a variety of animals. You’ll be providing a home.


Lots of people considering making the change get put off by rumours of smelly water. Previous conversions have not have problems with this. If this is really concerning consider keeping your filter and pump installed. Algae will not cause any problems with your pool equipment so you can rest easy. You may want to invest in a nice pool cover: click here. The water may start to smell if it’s not oxygenated. The water is safe and is not something that should be feared. Converted ponds meet Australian recreational water guidelines. The water is till clean enough to swim in. You could have your cake and eat it too, so to speak. This is under condition that animals like ducks are not present. This water is not safe to drink though.