Fitting pet-friendly flooring in your home

Looking after cats and dogs can be a messy business and to keep damage to a minimum, it’s crucial you have the right flooring installed in your home. There’s no better surface for the job than laminate flooring, as unlike carpets, the material is hard-wearing and very easy to maintain – read on for our exclusive guide.

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When you own a pet, the money you spend on feeding them, exercising them and paying their vet bills can begin to add up over time.

That’s why, when you’re on the hunt for new flooring for your abode, it’s important to go for an option that’s cost-effective and within your budget. You don’t want to choose an expensive laminate product that you can’t afford to properly maintain to ensure it isn’t damaged by your furry friends, so pick a surface that offers you the best value for money.

Luckily, it’s possible to buy laminate flooring on the cheap with UK Flooring Direct and you don’t have to worry about scrimping on quality for the price either. The material is perfect for those who keep a few house pets and would like a shiny new floor, but don’t want to break the bank.

Pets can be a handful, but as long as you fit sturdy flooring that can cope with lots of foot traffic – both from the other members of your household and your dogs or cats – then your life will become just that little bit easier.

Laminate is a highly versatile material that, with the right level of care, will last in your home for years to come. However, having animals scampering about the place means you may need to apply a finish to your flooring to prevent it from being scratched too much by your pets’ claws.

The flooring is comprised of three layers, with each one giving it extra strength. The carrier board in particular is what makes laminate so hard-wearing, as it is renowned for its durability and ability to resist moisture.

Another major advantage of these floors is that they are easy to clean. No matter how well-trained your pooch or moggy may be, we all know accidents can happen from time to time and anyone who has a carpet can vouch for the fact it can often be tricky getting out a tough stain, something you won’t have to worry about with laminate.

Just because your floors are likely to get dirty now and then – which is perfectly understandable if you have a few pets running around – that doesn’t mean you need to select a material you don’t like or that doesn’t match your existing home interior.

The great thing about laminate surfaces is that they will meet all your practical needs as well as make your property look elegant and modern.

Whether it’s a beech laminate floor that’s caught your eye, or you’ve taken a shine to a walnut or oak variety, you can be sure you won’t have to surrender your enthusiasm for interior design for the sake of finding a purely functional surface. On the contrary, the flooring is stunning, authentic and unique, making it a standout focal point in any abode.