5 Quirky Storage Solutions

There are many of us who yawn when we hear the word storage. Boring! Shelves, compartments, space savers: these are the subjects we relegate to the unexciting, unimaginative area of home décor. But there are many fabulous and quirky storage ideas out there. Get ready to think outside the square!

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The ideas in this article are great storage solutions for relieving everyday clutter around the home. But if you have a large amount of items to store, it’s worth thinking of storage solutions outside the home; a garden shed; or even hiring space at a storage facility. There are many storage facilities around Queensland. Fort Knox is very reputable and Fort Knox storage Gladstone, Mackay, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, are just some of their storage facilities available. Costs are quite low and tailor-made options are available to suit your needs.

But now for some quirky storage solutions for the home:

Vintage Suitcases

Check out local op shops and second hand stores and you are sure to find some vintage suitcases. These make funky storage spaces. Collect an assortment of styles and colours and stack them up for a quirky and quaint storage tower. Add a cute twist by writing the contents on the luggage label. Old ports have amazing brass locks and buckles to add a really individual style to your collection.

The Mighty Milk Crate

These old favourites are a great storage option that is full of character. Scour markets and second hand stores and you are sure to find some of these old wooden relics. You can paint them up in zany colours and use them to store shoes, magazines, and jars in the kitchen – anything and everything. Sit them on their base or stand them on their sides. Stack together to great effect.

Putting your Feet Up

A foot rest can be used to house lots of odds and ends. Buy or make one, with a removable top, for storage of newspapers, remote controls, anything that is hanging around your lounge room. Coverings and shapes can be as variable as your imagination.

Shoe Boxes

Instead of buying lots of storage boxes, try decorating your shoe boxes. Shoe boxes are generally very durable and a really handy size. They just need a revamp to cover the bar code and advertising jingles. Use old wall paper or wrapping paper. Collect remnants of fabrics and you can stick these on to make boxes look really interesting. Try getting the kids involved too. They will love creating boxes to keep the ‘junk’ in their room packed tidily away.

Staggering Shelves

This idea adds a twist to wall shelving. Rather than hang a set of wall shelves, create a unique look with floating shelves. Buy shelves of various widths and lengths and stagger them on the wall for a really arty and unique look. Add your favourite ornaments, books and other items and create a display piece as well as a storage solution.

Storage definitely doesn’t have to be boring. Keep your eyes open for all sorts of quirky pieces at markets and vintage stores and see how unique your storage solutions can become.