Using Second Hand Gift Boxes to Decorate Your Home


The difference between a drab house and a beautiful home is basically not how much you spend on the decorating activity, but how creative you are with what is available to you. If you have been running out of décor ideas, it is time to rummage through that pile of gift boxes that you have left piling up in your home.

Find out what you can do about those empty boxes and your spirits will definitely soar! Most gift boxes are made of cardboard making them easy manipulate and decorate. Here are some creative ideas that will help you cut and snipping away at more than just your décor budget.



A child needs a colorful room to be inspired. You probably are still holding on to the gift boxes you received in your last baby shower; create sweet memories by making things that your children enjoy. This is also a great way to interact with your children and get them involved.

Use card board to create a lovely bedroom suite for your child complete with a dresser and a painted picture on the wall, dresser and headlamps. Use bright and creative colors for their rooms to create that happy mood.


Toys come at a price, make use of boxes that have been lying around in your home by creating movable toys such as riding box for car tutorials, race cars made out of boxes tapes and bottle tops, fantastic space ship with partitioning, giant rocket ship using potato box, cereals box, stationery box and other essentials, canoes and scooters. Your children will enjoy joining you as you prepare these toys with them.


In this one you will make use of toilet roll tubes, boxes paint and glue. Use the toilet rolls to act as vases and the boxes glued to the base for support. Then paint your box made vessel and insert painted flowers also made out of boxes and you have a gift for friends and relatives. You can also use them as decoration in your house.


All you require to do this is an assembled clock, a sizeable box, and a picture. Alternatively you can make your own painted from another gift box and nail polish. It is awfully simple to create.

Cut out the pictures or paintings and stick them on an already flattened box, leave a small hole in the middle for the clock hands. Apply bright nail polish on the hands, fix the clock from the back and insert the hands on the front surface set the clock and hang the clock on the wall. You can even use family photos to create a clock montage.


As you may have found out by now, turning trash into treasure is so gratifying. Giving someone a gift that you have made out of your very own hands is equivalently satisfying. So create a small town house with animals, and complete with grass and trees all cut out into shapes and painted. Where the house needs brick or wood, make use of paint and brush, in the end you will be deeply satisfied. You can make a replica of your own house and keep it at the entrance as a miniature model.


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