Sponsored Video: Lowe’s Fix in Six

Sponsored Video: Lowe’s Fix in Six

You know those little problems around the house that just seem to add up… the crayon marks on the white door, the tangled extension cords, the messy paint cans during your DIY kitchen project? Well if you aren’t careful, all these little instances can turn your house from totally organized into a total mess! But keeping your home tidy and well-organized doesn’t have to be a chore at all, and the new Lowe’s Fix in Six videos will show you how. They’re a great way to pick up awesome home improvement tips in literally just seconds.


Maybe you’ve picked up a few clever home improvement tips from a friend or neighbor, your parents, or even from Pinterest. But to find a whole bunch of great and incredibly clever tips in one spot, you have to check out Lowe’s cute new 6-second videos created with the Vine app. They quickly and effectively demonstrate a whole bunch of super helpful tricks for getting your home organized. Ever have a lightbulb shatter in the socket? Use a potato to help twist it out! Clean your grill with a wadded-up ball of aluminum foil instead of a brush. Sprinkle cayenne pepper on your plants to keep the squirrels from eating them!

You seriously won’t believe how much time these home improvement tricks will save you. We all know that time is precious and staying organized can help keep you mentally sane as well as clean and healthy! These cleverly animated 6-second clips will open your mind to new possibilities for home improvement and maybe even inspire you to come up with a few more tricks of your own.


This post is sponsored by Lowe’s