storing electronics

Tips and Hints for storing specific items

By Rob Barlow

There are tricks to storing certain items, little vulnerabilities that have to be compensated for There are a few simple things you can do to change the amount of time an item is viable for storage from days to weeks, from weeks to months, from months to years. A few things that most people don’t know, or simply forget from time to time.

storing electronics

Battery powered things

Many things are battery powered but that leads to a significant problem, batteries leak. The acid gets everywhere, everything gets melted, corroded, messed up and broken. If you’re going to store gadgets that require batteries make sure the batteries aren’t involved first.

Electrical appliances

Include something that will deodorise any fridges, freezers or washing machines. Defrost the freezer well before hand and do not try to use any of the appliances before they are stored, or mould is certain. Stoves and cooking equipment need to be cleaned thoroughly and do not place other things inside the white goods. Any other electrical tools should be thoroughly cleaned and stored safely.

In regards to computers and televisions it is wise to keep the original packaging whenever possible. They can be packed like normal items, as long as you wrap them a little more thoroughly than most. Safety cannot be guaranteed without the original, with the foam inserts if you can find them.

Easily Breakable (Mirrors, crockery, etc)

These items are fragile and need to be handled with care. Do not stack anything on top of them and wrap and pack them firmly before you do anything else. Store the mirrors on their edges to avoid anything being placed atop them and prop or brace them against something to avoid falling. Keep the crockery somewhere you won’t be touching them often if possible. If keeping crockery together wrap each piece individually and fill all gaps in the carton with scrunchy paper to prevent it from moving. Mark these things.


Clean meticulously before storage and be sure to drain any oil or gas from the tank to avoid leakage, mess and possible fire hazards. Place cardboard or some other absorbent inexpensive material on the floor beneath it to catch anything you missed. Do not stack on top of anything and keep as far away from anything absorbent or exposed, just in case.


Empty wardrobes drawers and cupboards. Disassemble beds and tables if possible and wrap the legs. Put padding around anything fragile and keep them on top of other items. Vacuum upholstery before you store it or dirt will ingrain. Ideally cover the mattresses or upholstery in a fabric that breathes to protect it from dust, to prevent the problem of moisture.

Follow these simple directions and you will be thoroughly prepared for use of your Fort Knox storage unit. You can keep a variety of items in storage and most of them should be easy. The difficult ones should all be covered above.

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