city bathroom

Top tips for a contemporary city bathroom

City living often means a fast-paced and well organised lifestyle, and you’ll want to achieve fuss-free order at home to better cater for your fast-moving life. The bathroom is one area that really benefits from modern, unfussy lines and a calm ambience.

city bathroom

For some top tips on achieving a contemporary bathroom that accommodates your need for a smooth-running home life, read on.

The right decor

For your modern city pad, you’ll want to continue the contemporary trend throughout the property for a cohesive effect overall, so think about the colours and designs you’d like in the bathroom. Black and white, greys with metal tones or clean, crisp whites all work well in an unfussy city bathroom.

Keep the decor sleek by avoiding too many colours and textures – as you’ll want the space to appear modern and seamless – and it’s also important to ensure everything is finished to a high standard to avoid the space looking neglected.

You can add interest to the room by tiling the bath area with mosaic tiles in a spectrum of a single colour, like blue or green, and paint the rest of the walls in a muted shade from the same colour palette.

The right suite

Arguably the most important part of the bathroom is the suite, and there are plenty of modern designs to choose from that will fit into a contemporary city space perfectly. Many current suites have angular lines and sharp edges, in addition to single mixer taps over the sink and push-button flushes on the lavatory. These simple fixtures can really add to the sophistication of the bathroom and also mean there’s less to maintain during cleaning sessions.

If you’re not keen on sharp corners, you’ll also find lots of smooth curves in modern designs, with close coupled toilets being just one example of this style. You could also opt for integrated wall-mounted units, which involves plumbing the toilet and sink directly into the wall rather than through the floor. This will give the bathroom a contemporary appearance while also freeing up space beneath the basin and the lavatory.

Many city bathrooms are relatively compact, so you might decide to plumb in a shower above the bath to save on space. You can make the fitting appear sleeker by installing a glass screen rather than a shower curtain. Compact contemporary bathroom suites come in a variety of sizes, so make sure you check your measurements to get one that will be right for your space.

The right accessories

When furnishing your bathroom, you’ll want to add stylish accessories that really complete the work you’ve done in the rest of the room and bring the space together. Consider the colours and materials you’ve used to guide you here, so, if you’ve chosen chrome taps, install a heated metal towel rail and perhaps some chrome caddies for things like toothbrushes or soap.

If you’ve chosen a specific colour scheme, like blue hues, continue the trend with your accessories, perhaps investing in a set of blue towels, some matching weighing scales and a clear blue vase for the window. You could even look at tinted glass shower screens for something modern and different and introduce plants into the area to add a natural element and enhance the tranquillity of the area.

Meanwhile, if you’ve got a natural wooden floor that you’ve sanded down and waxed, you could add a wooden bath panel and untreated wooden storage cupboards for a warm, rustic finish.