teen bedroom

Help give your teen’s bedroom a vintage twist

One trend loved by teens and adults alike is vintage. We all seem to have gone mad for this, loving the second hand vintage shops on the high street just as much as we love the retro-look snaps we can take on apps like Instagram!

teen bedroom

Having a bedroom space that feels like it reflects you is super-important to teens. After all, kids who are yet to have a home of their own can sometimes feel this is the only space that is truly theirs alone.

As such, helping your teen to make their bedroom look just right for them could really be appreciated by any youngster.

And if your teen daughter loves vintage style, why not make that a focus in her bedroom? It’s sure to thrill her to be given the control to make a space that shows friends who she is.

It’s possible to get gorgeous pieces that will cement that vintage look – and add a huge amount of individuality to a space – without shelling out very much cash at all.

Second hand – and especially antique – shops can be a brilliant place to spot accessories that you may not have ever thought about using to decorate a bedroom.

Exciting items from the past, like old cameras and typewriters, that might not usually be used as interior accessories, can suddenly become beautiful, artistic touches to a room, that will help your daughter express who she is through her surroundings.

For example, if she loves to write, an old typewriter from a vintage shop could look great on her desk.

The floor is something else you can really add some personality too. Whether you want to Customize solid hardwood flooring or simply want the Best vinyl comfort flooring, thinking outside the box can give the room a new lease of life.

Meanwhile, something more conventional, like an old jewellery box can help create an extra special space to keep your daughter’s favourite necklaces, for example. While something as simple as a vintage crate could be decorated at home and provide a great mini bedside table.  Alternatively, simply use it as-is in its original state.

Florals can also add to the vintage look. After all, flowers are a theme that would have been embraced by past generations, but is recently being given a modern twist in all sorts designs.

Bedding is a great place to bring-in florals, and there are a range of different options out there. For example, floral bedding is just one of the styles available from this website Curtains & Curtains.

And why not help make your teen’s vintage clothing options a feature of their room, as well as giving her a great place to store them, by using a hip clothes rail as an accessory in the room?

Bringing to mind magazine photo shoots, these are a practical and cool way to store clothes, especially when you don’t have a wardrobe in the room!

Use the vintage trend however you want to – simply get your daughter to look to the past and pick out styles and ideas that she loves, then think about ways to incorporate them into her bedroom.

By working together to re-design her space in a way she loves, you could have a great time spending quality time with your teen.