Creative and Unique Design Ideas for Your Garden

If you’re lucky enough to own a garden, then it would be a shame to waste its potential. There are many ways you can design your garden to be creative, unique and offbeat. Television programs or gardening websites and magazines can provide a great source of inspiration to spark your imagination.

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Extra Room

You should regard your garden as an extra room in your house, not a space to be ignored and neglected, but one to be nurtured and enjoyed. Clever ideas to utilize your outside space include using seating, tables and patio heaters, which mean you can enjoy your garden even when the sun isn’t shining.


There are many different types of materials for your backyard construction or renovation that can be obtained from reputable DIY outlets or gardening centers. You might need materials such as garden decking, turf, or materials for fencing or paving. In particular, garden decking or paving used in conjunction with fencing screens or plant borders is a great way to separate your garden into distinct areas. For example, you could have one area for dining and socializing in and another area for relaxing in.

Practical Uses

If you’d like your garden to have a more practical purpose, then why not section off a spot for a small allotment. With the right types of plants and care, you could be growing fresh tomatoes, lettuces, herbs or cucumbers in no time at all!

Low Maintenance Options

If gardening isn’t particularly your thing, then purchasing low maintenance plants and shrubs for your garden is highly advisable! They can really make a space look nice, whilst requiring little effort on your part. If you want to make a feature in your garden, water fountains or sundials can make a beautiful addition to your garden as well as providing a striking focal point for your outside space.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Even if your garden is only a very small space, there is still plenty you can do with it to make it a valuable asset to your home. Colorful plants and bistro style seating can soon add a lot of cheer to even a small space.

For more garden design ideas be sure to check out open gardens, which could prove to be an invaluable source of inspiration for your own outside space. Remember, great oaks grow from small acorns, so matter how small your idea is, it could soon grow into something remarkable.