Simple Ideas to Spruce Up Your Backyard

The backyard is a sacred place in the home, especially come spring and summertime. There is almost nothing better than being able to take out the grill and eat a nice dinner outside with some family or friends. This summer though, turn your backyard into a great hangout spot by adding a little flavor to it. Take any of these simple ideas and everyone will want to be at your place when the weather is nice!

Fire Pit

This is a very simple idea that can create an entire night of fun. Whether you make your own with some large rocks from the woods or you purchase one from a home goods store this is a great idea. Once the sun starts to set you can have everyone over to hang out by the fire. Make it even better by getting the ingredients for some s’mores!

Put a Bar in the Picnic Table

Placing a bar in your picnic table may sound like a strange idea but its really crafty and works like a charm. Take out the middle board of your picnic table and replace it with an old rain gutter or something of the like. Fill with ice and drinks and there you have it, a bar in the middle of your picnic table.


If you have a large tree in your backyard and you aren’t sure what to do with it see if its fit for a swing. This can be easy to do yourself. You also have the option of a single swing or double swing that you can enjoy with someone else. Don’t hold back, make your backyard an adult playground.


Don’t want a swing? Opt for a hammock. Nothing says relaxation like a hammock. There are ones that you can set up that don’t even require a tree. They come with their own stand.



Having a gazebo as a place to hang out is awesome. It offers some cover from the outside elements and they can look beautiful placed in a backyard. They can be a place to relax, read, hangout, or eat. The options are really endless when it comes to what you can do in a gazebo.

Coy Pond

This is a larger project but can be a great addition to the landscape of the backyard. You can either hire out to have a pond put in or you can try and tackle the project on your own. If doing it yourself, it can be very rewarding when you finish. Its something you will be able to enjoy year after year.